Venture Corporate Services can provide ongoing and project related support for both small and larger sized businesses.

Managing and resolving share issues
Company purchase of own shares
Contract(s) for the sale or purchases of shares
Creation of different classes of shares (Ordinary, voting, non voting)
Creation of redeemable preference shares
Division / sub-division of share capital
Waiver of pre-emption rights
Transfer and transmission of shares
Allotment of shares
Class meetings and class rights
Bonus issue of shares
Transmission of shares following death of a member
Notices and minutes of Directors to register of share transfers
Creation of pre-emption rights on future transfer of shares
Directors resolution to pay dividends
Loan stock
Drafting relevant documentation for meetings, resolutions and minute
Electives resolutions (to dispense with laying of accounts and directors authority to allot)
Written resolutions
Notices, Agendas, and documentation convening an AGM
Notices, Agendas and documentation convening an EGM
Minutes (all types of meetings and transactions, including an AGM)
Waiver of dividend (where tax advantage)
Notice of director of his interest in company
Creation and satisfaction of charges / debentures
Resolutions of holding company for giving financial assistance by subsequent purchase of shares in holding company


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